A first in MPU tyre management

We are proud to be leading the way in equipment innovation safety by being the first Explosives Manufacturing Company in Australia to fit MPU’s with a remote tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system.

The intent of the system is to prevent tyre fires caused by failed wheel bearings and or faulty brakes.

Features and benefits of this new system include:

  • The system allows the driver/operator to monitor the tyre pressure and temperature from within the cabin of the truck.
  • Connected to a satellite based GPS monitoring system
  • The GPS system records the tyre monitoring history and facilitates remote monitoring to authorised persons
  • The system removes the need for the driver/operator to physically check the tyre pressures
  • The system removes the practice of tyre tapping by the driver/operator which has been demonstrated to be ineffective
  • The system allows maintenance personnel to verify the pressure and temperature in a wheel set before commencing any maintenance
  • The system is low maintenance with all sensors being externally mounted which is far more user friendly when compared to the internal tyre systems

Our HSET General Manager, Peter Howe, delivered a presentation on the system and safety benefits to the International Chief Inspector of Explosives conference in April 2015. Our design continues to spark interest and as a result we have been requested to deliver the same presentation to the Explosives and Dangerous Goods Transport Liaison Group which is facilitated by the Queensland Explosives Inspectorate in June 2015.

Due to the practical value of the system, Platinum Blasting Services have been requested to draft an amendment to the Australian Explosives Industry Safety Group “Mobile Processing Unit code of practice” to include the use of a tyre monitoring system on all AEISG member MPU’s.

At Platinum, we are always looking for ways to improve our equipment with our focus on increasing the efficiency and safety of our blasting services.

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