Next Breed of Blasting Engineers

Platinum is committed to developing the next breed of blasting engineers with their internship program for upcoming blasting professionals. We interviewed one of our team to share their experience.


How Nick’s career has developed

Since seeing his first blast as an 8 year old in Papua New Guinea, Nick Crichton has always had a desire to learn more about the Blasting industry. During his Mining Engineering degree Nick studied surface pit mining which included blasting theory, however as Nick prefers to learn in a visual context, it wasn’t until commencing work with Platinum Blasting’s internship program that the practical understanding of blasting came together.


blasting engineer

Nick at site working on a drill and blast design


How has Platinum’s program benefited you?

When asked about how Platinum’s internship program has developed his understanding of the role of a Blasting Engineer, Nick said “Time spent on the bench has definitely helped develop my skills.  When given a design I understand how to read the plan and how to tie in a shot.  I’ve also learnt that the design and what actually happens on the bench can have two totally different outcomes so you must be able to make adjustments for these kinds of things as an Engineer.  Not every hole will be drilled or some holes will be blocked and you can’t fix them.  Not everything goes to plan and being on the bench has made me understand that.  Working on the bench has given me a strong foundation for when I become an Engineer, and how I can use my problem solving techniques to overcome these challenges”.


Importance of passing on knowledge

Platinum Blasting’s CEO and Managing Director, Cliff Gale said “Blasting is such a specialist industry and it’s important for an emerging company like Platinum to continue to develop the next breed of Blasting Engineers.  By developing our own internship program we have the additional benefit of instilling Platinum’s values of sustainable and flexible relationships – particularly when it comes to how we work with our clients.  By joining our internship program, Nick has exposure to operations, client interactions and the engineering design team to ensure he has a well-rounded understanding of the industry”.



Until Nick achieves his career goal of becoming an International Blasting Specialist, he relishes in the day to day learnings of working in a blast crew and finding ways to make each blast efficient, successful and ultimately deliver the client’s plan.


Joining Us

If you are finalising your studies in Mining Engineering and are interested in joining our internship program, please send your resume and covering letter to