Army Training Delivers Blasting Industry Expertise

After a distinguished eighteen-year career as a medic in the Australian Army, Adam Grant followed his grandfather’s footsteps and turned to the blasting industry as the next step in his career.


Whilst a lot has changed since his grandfather worked as an explosives expert in the underground mines of Ipswich, Adam has applied the Army’s values of leadership, integrity, taking the initiative, respect, teamwork and courage to his role of HSET Superintendent at Platinum Blasting Services.


When asked what he enjoys most about his role, Adam responded “the ability to educate, train, and mentor all employees on the fundamentals of maintaining a safe workplace. There are challenges which I like about my role, however when a structured plan comes together it is very rewarding.”  As Adam is in the process of finishing off his Masters of Occupational Health and Safety, he is clearly establishing himself as one of the most experienced Health and Safety professionals within the Blasting Industry.


“The role of Health and Safety is at the core of everything we do at Platinum Blasting Services. We work hard to bring the best blasting professionals into this business, and to ensure they go home safely at the end of each day. Naturally, Adam’s influence to keep our workforce safe is an essential part of this process.” said CEO and Managing Director, Cliff Gale.

Adam feels that Platinum Blasting is well positioned to grow and evolve.  “Platinum is a professional company that will do very well into the future due to our transparent approach and contractual flexibility. I am very proud to be a part of this journey”.


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