Christine Grealy – Senior Technical Engineer

Innovation drives Senior Technical Engineer, Christine Grealy

Before STEM was even part of our school curriculum, Christine Grealy found a fantastic blend of art and science within the Blasting industry.  “I appreciate the fact that you immerse yourself more in the medium you are working with, meaning you get a feel for what the ground will do when the blast is applied to it” said Christine.  “The industry is challenging and yet at the same time rewarding.  I wish to be a part of future innovations in blasting and am constantly seeking to find new methods and applications in order to move the industry forwards.”

“With over 15 years’ experience in the Blasting industry, Christine is a fantastic example of the technical depth of our organisation” said Cliff Gale, CEO & Managing Director of Platinum Blasting.  “Christine is well regarded by our clients and crews for her expertise and constant interest in innovation within our industry.  Her selection to the ISEE (Australia) Board of Directors is a testament to her influence and professional standing, and we are privileged to have her as part of the Platinum team.”

When asked about the future of Platinum Blasting, Christine said “I see Platinum Blasting as a young innovative company that is embodying the advance of technology.  Platinum is working hard to make its mark on the industry as a customer focused, adaptable, versatile and competitive organisation.”

You can meet Christine and the Platinum Blasting team at the 4th Annual ISEE conference in Perth from 8th to 9th November 2018.