Explosive Doping Marker

Product Description

    HydraDye has been carefully developed to ensure the safe application of coloured liquid dye to diesel within the explosives industry. It is a simple and easy-to-use alternative to existing dye applications which are known to cause unsafe decanting methods, spills into the environment and poor quality control (overdosing).


    The 200ml bottle will sufficiently dye a 1000litre process fuel tank on a Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) to the recommended coloration as per legislation. The single dose higher concentrated 600ml bottles are suitable for larger (10,000L) trans tanks of diesel. We are also able to customise the dosage to suit your specific requirements.



  • Enhanced quality & cost control – single dose
  • Safe – minimal handling, no decanting, no lifting
  • User friendly – safe, clean & easy
  • Environmentally friendly – no waste, no spills
  • Available in 200ml & 600ml bottles


Download HydraDye PDF