Heavy ANFO


Product Description

    HydraForce is an emulsion doped HANFO (Heavy ANFO) blend designed to be suitable for dry or dewatered blast blastholes.


    HydraForce has been designed for use in open cut mining where additional energy is desired or where a level of water resistance is required.  The product is also suitable to use in dry or dewatered blastholes.  Prior to use in dewatered blastholes the water recharge rates should always be determined.
    HydraForce is not suitable for use in areas containing reactive sulphides or in blastholes with temperatures in excess of 55 degrees Celsius.


  • Suitable for application in dewatered or dry blastholes.
  • Density and energies can be varied by modifying the ANFO:Emulsion ratio to suit the specific application.
  • Full coupling of the explosive charge provides superior blasting results.
  • Product is delivered via an MPU auger.


Hydraforce SDS Safety Data Sheet

Hydraforce TDS Technical Data Sheet