Wet Hole Product

Product Description

    HydraFlow is a sensitised emulsion blend designed to be suitable for pumping into blast holes containing water. Sensitising agents are added by the MPU during the manufacturing and pumping process.


    HydraFlow has been designed for use in open cut mining where wet mining conditions are encountered. The product is also suitable to use in dry or dewatered holes.
    HydraFlow is not suitable for use in areas containing reactive sulphides or in hole temperatures in excess of 55 degrees Celsius.


  • Suitable for application in wet, dewatered or dry holes.
  • Density and energies can be varied to suit the specific application.
  • Full coupling of the explosive charge provides superior blasting results.
  • Can be pumped through a range of hose sizes to suit blast hole diameter.


Hydraflow SDS Safety Data Sheet

Hydraflow TDS Technical Data Sheet