Safe Work Awards

Adam Grant HSETQ Manager for Platinum Blasting Services has received congratulations from Queensland’s Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Grace Grace, and Safety Ambassador, Shane Webcke.



After recognising a safety concern several years ago, Adam initiated the development of a product called HydraDye which has proven a success for the safer application by his employees and industry as a whole.

HydraDye was developed to ensure the safe application of coloured liquid dye to diesel. It is a simple and easy-to-use alternative to existing dye applications which are known to cause unsafe decanting methods, spills into the environment and poor quality control (overdosing).

Platinum’s HSETQ General Manager, Peter Howe said “All businesses face varied and ongoing challenges to keep staff safe while at work. The efforts by Platinum Blasting Services to implement effective and innovative solutions for their own workplace can be used across the entire explosives industry, and is a reflection of our safety commitment to our employees and colleagues.”