Safety & Health

Our Priority

Platinum Blasting Services considers the Health, Safety & Wellbeing of our employees, clients and the general community as the singular highest priority in any management decisions the company makes.

Managing risk

As an employer, Platinum Blasting Services acknowledges that the successful management of occupational risk requires the proper allocation of time, resources and finances, and will allocate these to address Occupational Health and Safety issues without prejudice.

Training our people

The company’s greatest asset in successfully managing occupational risk is our employees. The training and continual improvement of our employees professionalism and decision making ability is critical to good risk management practice.

Systems and Processes

Providing clear unambiguous systems, processes and procedures for our operational and support activities is an essential tool for risk mitigation.


Platinum Blasting Services expects all managers and supervisors to immediately intervene where a non-compliance with our systems and procedures is observed or noted.

Overt or malicious non-compliance with our documented systems and procedures by any individual will not be accepted.